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Team Building

Team Building Programs

soca-rafting-bovec-29Our sports agency organises a variety of teambuilding programs which are included intended for closed groups. Programs are adapted for school groups, companies, syndicate trips and also birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties and other similar events. The purpose of teambuilding programs is to build stronger team cooperation and relations among people in a certain group.

soca-rafting-bovec-05The main part of the teambuilding program is the sports activity of choice. We also include extra games and elements which strengthen the team spirit in an entertaining way. After the activity is finished the teambuilding program can be concluded with sip of homemade brandy and a picnic or lunch in a quality local restaurant.

All teambuilding programs are completely adaptable to desires and needs of our customers.

Contact us, to organise an event, suitable for your group only!